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    SBM is a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments.

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  • Sand Making Machine
    Sand Making Machine is now business sand production engineering in the of common equipment, the equipment of produced is to meet market Shang for artificial sand of needs, ease has natural gravel increasingly reduced of trend, in production of process in the as long as will suitable nature of material added to Sand Making Machine in the, on can processing out by needs of gravel, but this simple of process, needs of operation is is compared complex of, like material of nature for equipment production of effects, If the humidity is not appropriate may result in clogging occurs, this article is to analyze the hardness of stone for the working process of sand making equipment has what effect.Each Taiwan Sand Making Machine device for its into material are is has needs of, although these needs has must of differences, but General of for, only material suitable to completed production process, otherwise on will caused damaged, on hardness for, each models of mechanism sand equipment requirements of material of hardness are is not as of, but are in a specific of range within, if beyond this range, not only will increased production of difficulty, also will caused equipment of damaged.

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